Galactic Celebrates in Tenerife


Every few years, we have the opportunity to explore an exciting new destination with a few of our most valued partners and friends on Galactic’s Saturnites Trip. Our time in Tenerife was absolutely spectacular and one of the most amazing Saturnites yet.


One of our most memorable experiences was on the final evening, when night drew upon us and the sun’s rays danced among the clouds. When we had the pleasure of witnessing, while standing atop the Mount Teide Volcano, the most breathtakingly beautiful sunset in the world. As the full moon rose and the stars aligned, we were in awe of the raw romance and magnificence of the island. And to cap off the evening, the exclusive and dazzling light display with our names and logos illuminating across the volcanic rock while fireworks sparkled above the summit.


As blessed as we are to experience such a wonder that is Tenerife, the real pleasure was spending time with our partners and friends, nurturing and cementing lifelong and enriching relationships.


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